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Bloomberg’s Biden-Like Gaffe: There’s Already A Mosque In Ground Zero Neighborhood

A surprising admission by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg (emphasis added):

“The question will then become how big should the no-mosque zone around the World Trade Center be,” Bloomberg said. “There is already a mosque four blocks away. Should it, too, be moved?”

With all due respect to hizzhonor, he’s got the wrong question.

The question is, if there is already a mosque four blocks away, why is one needed on the site of a building that was itself struck by part of one of the 9/11 planes? Are there really that many Muslims living in Lower Manhattan, which is primarily a business and government center, that they need a second mosque?

Oh, for the record, no, the existing mosque should not be moved, because it was presumably already there on 9/11 (someone please correct me–with evidence–if I am wrong).

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  • deliaangel


    To bitch-slap every American, that’s why.

    Like. DUH.

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