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More Thuggery… In Idaho!

Okay, now it’s moving out of the midwest:

- On Saturday evening, [Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom] Luna said, he encountered an angry man outside his mother’s house in Nampa. The man reportedly identified himself as a teacher opposed to Luna’s plans to increase class sizes and said he had planned to speak to Luna’s mother. Luna reported the incident to Nampa police.

- Late Monday or early Tuesday, someone slashed two tires on Luna’s vehicle at his Nampa home and spray-painted the word “Luna” with an X through it on the white truck’s passenger door. Nampa police are investigating.

- After Luna reported the vandalism early Tuesday morning, he went to a Downtown Boise coffee shop for an appearance on live morning television. He was approached by a man who loudly called him “a liar and other choice words” before a police officer intervened and calmed the man down, Luna spokeswoman Melissa McGrath said.

Of course, we have no evidence that the teachers or teachers’ unions are behind some of these attacks… except the first one where the miscreant self-identified… but the list of other people that would do this to this particular elected official is pretty darned small.

And the reforms?

Luna’s plan, which is still in the Senate Education Committee, would replace teacher tenure with rolling two-year contracts, force unions to prove they represent 50 percent of the teachers in a district, limit collective bargaining to salaries and benefits and not allow collective bargaining agreements to extend beyond the end of the state fiscal year.

In other words, it’s pretty close to the Wisconsin plan. And for this he–and his mother–get subjected to all this.

At least the Idaho Democrats haven’t snuck across the border to Oregon–the closest Democratic state to Boise–yet.

  • 49erDweet

    So teachers aren’t really professionals, then? Just rank and file stooges, duty-bound to follow their union’s bidding? Wow, what a hit their self-images must have taken.

    This will be an oft-repeated story during the next few months, and will probably end up in deadly violence before it’s over. Which, of course, will have just6 the opposite effect than what the teachers want. But they aren’t smart enough to understand this – - – - yet.

  • whiteylawful

    Is there not one argument against the fact that Unions are a component of orginized crime?

    • Conservative Wanderer

      I’m not sure… and their tactics in Wisconsin and Idaho certainly appear to point in the direction that they are. Maybe someone can give us some evidence that they’re not?

    • deliaangel

      The limp-wristed teachers are hardly going to resort to violence. They will just be sneaky-snakes and leave the “P” and “Q” out of the alphabet until they get their way. ;)

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