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“A troubled and afflicted mankind looks to us, pleading for us to keep our rendezvous with destiny; that we will uphold the principles of self-reliance, self-discipline, morality, and, above all, responsible liberty for every individual that we will become that shining city on a hill.” — Ronald Wilson Reagan

Dr. Sanity On The Narcissistic Sins Of The Left

Psychiatrist and blogger Dr. Pat Santy, who blogs under the appropriate name of Dr. Sanity, has started a series of posts about The Political Left And The Seven Deadly Sins Of Narcissism.

It’s hard to excerpt such a post, but this should give you a little taste:

The ideology of the political left in all its various iterations–socialist, communist, radical environmentalism, progressive; call it what you will– is, at its core an essentially narcissistic and self-indulgent pursuit of power, with all the unhealthy psychological attributes that implies

This is not to suggest that narcissism or sociopathy exit merely within the political left. Clearly it does not. But, having made that qualification, today’s progressive leftist is steeped in and encouraged by an ideology that rewards only feelings and not critical thinking or truth; fantasy and not reality; and good intentions instead of actual outcome in the real world. The seven deadly sins of narcissism outlined above lead the the poor, innocent and unsuspecting lefist into cognitive dissonance in his thinking patterns and wreak all sorts of misery and spiritual destruction on the people who are the targets of the leftists’ supposed goodwill.

But they neither care nor notice, since the primary determinant of why they do what they do is to make themselves feel good; to escape for one brief moment the emptiness of their own individual souls and the self-hatred and rage that motivate them.

Part 1 deals with the first two of these sins, and I’m definitely looking forward to part 2.

Obama Advisor Jarrett Helped Jesse Lee Propose To Nita “General Betray-Us” Chaudhary

And the saga of Jesse Lee keeps getting more embarrassing for President Obama:

I’m told that senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett quietly helped a fellow aide, White House online guru Jesse Lee, hatch a plan to propose to his Indian-American girlfriend at the glitzy state dinner festivities yesterday.

But, as so much else does in the White House, the plans went awry due to unforseen events and had to be hastily reworked on the spot.

When the state dinner honoring the prime minister of India was first announced, Lee quietly approached Jarrett and asked for her help in laying a plan to propose to his girlfriend at the dinner. The venue was particularly meaningful because Lee’s girlfriend, Nita Chaudhary, a top official at MoveOn, is from an esteemed Indian family that includes the former foreign secretary of India.

I wonder if Lee realized the first negative news stories he’d have to deal with were gonna be about him?

Edwards Will Be Prosecuted

And remember, this man was once the choice of many Democrats for the big chair in the Oval Office:

The United States Department of Justice has green-lighted the prosecution of former presidential candidate John Edwards for alleged violations of campaign laws while he tried to cover up an extra-marital affair, ABC News has learned.

A source close to the case said Edwards is aware that the government intends to seek an indictment and that the former senator from North Carolina is now considering his limited options. He could accept a plea bargain with prosecutors or face a potentially costly trial.

Edwards has been the focus of a lengthy federal investigation focusing on hundreds of thousands of dollars allegedly provided by two wealthy supporters. The government will contend those were illegal donations that ultimately went to support and seclude his mistress, Rielle Hunter.

Now, the question is, will Edwards fight, or try to plea-bargain? I’m pretty sure any plea bargain is still gonna involve jail time, so he might decide to fight… or he might not.

Barone Nails It On ObamaCare

Michael Barone might just have written the perfect 2012 campaign slogan for the GOP:

If Obamacare is so great, why do so many people want to get out from under it?

That’s part of a piece about the various ObamaCare waivers, which Barone then continues to hammer:

More specifically, why are more than half of those 3,095,593 [citizens covered by waivers] in plans run by labor unions, which were among Obamacare’s biggest political supporters? Union members are only 12 percent of all employees but have gotten 50.3 percent of Obamacare waivers.

Just in April, Sebelius granted 38 waivers to restaurants, nightclubs, spas and hotels in former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco congressional district. Pelosi’s office said she had nothing to do with it.

On its website HHS pledges that the waiver process will be transparent. But it doesn’t list those whose requests for waivers have been denied.

It does say that requests are “reviewed on a case by case basis by Department officials who look at a series of factors including” — and then lists two factors. And it refers you to another website that says that “several factors . . . may be considered” — and then lists six factors.

What other factors may be considered? Political contributions or connections? (Unions contributed $400 million to Democrats in the 2008 campaign cycle.) The websites don’t say.

Transparent… but we won’t tell you what factors we consider. Orwell would be proud.

Obama’s Pushback Czar Linked By Marriage To “General Betray-Us” Ad

The PJ Tatler does the simple research (i.e. Googling) the Dinosaur Media didn’t want to–for reasons that should be obvious soon–and finds an embarrassing connection in the background of Obama’s new Director of Progressive Media & Online Response, Jesse Lee:

Lee is married to Nita Chaudary. Here is a CSPAN transcript from Sep. 10, 2007, wherein Chaudary represents — and ardently defends — for publishing the Petraeus smear ad prior to Petraeus speaking a word before Congress.

Says Chaudary:

We want to make sure the truth gets out there in advance of this testimony.

I found the following bio for Chaudary from 2008:

Nita Chaudhary, Campaign Director at Political Action: Nita leads MoveOn’s campaigns on the Iraq War, Constitutional Liberties as well as running the fundraising program for MoveOn’s 2008 electoral effort. In the past she was the Director of Online organizing for the DNC. She’s also held several positions at People for the American Way, including Media Research Analyst, Web Editor, and Online Organizer.

I think it fairly safe to hypothesize that Chaudary may own that ad: as the leader of MoveOn’s campaigns regarding the Iraq war, the ad as conceived may be her work.

I think anyone familiar with media bias can understand why the Dinosaur Media didn’t bother to report on this part of Lee’s family.

DNC Sinks To Using Bibi To Try To Silence Jewish Republicans

Just when I think the Democrats can’t sink any lower, they prove me wrong:

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday met with representative delegates of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) and the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC). But while the meeting was meant to shore up bipartisan support for Israel from American Jewish political organizations, it quickly became a partisan bickering match, with the chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Debbie Wasserman Schultz, using the platform to tell Republican Jews to stop doing what they’re doing.

The RJC used their opening remarks to say that now was a historical time for the future of the Middle East, and to thank Prime Minister Netanyahu for meeting with them. But while the NJDC’s chairman said essentially the same thing, he was followed by hyper-partisan comments, first from Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chair Steve Israel and then from the DNC chair, Wasserman Schultz.

Sitting in front of Netanyahu, the DNC chair asked the RJC to “pledge to refrain in 2012 from using Israel as part of the issues in campaigns,” according to RJC executive director Matt Brooks. “It started that way. Right from the get go they just jumped on it.”

Admittedly, this isn’t all Democrats doing this, but then again, the Democratic National Committee did elect Wasserman Schultz in an open election among their members, so they’re at least partially responsible for her behavior. And her antics have been known for some time, since at least 2006. So it’s not like she was an unknown quantity when campaigning to take over the DNC.

Bad News For IPAB

USA Today did their best to bury it–it doesn’t even appear on their main Opinion page–but a big gun in the healthcare debate has weighed in on the Medicare Independent Payment Advisory Board, and finds it worth repealing:

We all agree that Medicare costs must be contained and that the payment system is flawed and needs to be replaced. But simply cutting reimbursements is not the answer. IPAB brings unpredictability and uncertainty to providers and has the potential for stifling innovation and collaboration.

The threat of reduced payments is the least imaginative option and most unlikely to result in the kind of heath care we know seniors and all Americans deserve.

Now, I am sure you think that some conservative wrote that.

You’d be wrong. The author is a Democrat.

And not just any Democrat:

Rep. Allyson Y. Schwartz, D-Pa., is a former health care executive who helped draft and support the health reform law signed by President Obama.

I’d say if even she is against IPAB, its days may be numbered.

Obama Names Pushback Czar

Watch out, bloggers and commenters, here comes Obama’s Online Pushback Czar:

The White House has named Jesse Lee to a new position within its communications department titled Director of Progressive Media & Online Response. According to The Huffington Post, Lee will essentially be responsible for building up Obama’s online presence as he prepares for his reelection bid, and squashing any negative stories:

Squashing negative stories, hmmm? I guess the First Amendment no longer applies… but why bother with a 200+ year old document when you’re fundamentally transforming America?

One wonders why they just didn’t call it the George Orwell Memorial Ministry of Truth? That even has an easy acronym, GOMMOT. On second thought, that’s not quite as catchy as MiniTrue.

Pawlenty’s Iowa Gamble

It looks like T-Paw has not only thrown his hat in the big Presidential Ring, he’s also thrown the dice on a big crapshoot right at the start of his campaign: talking about ending ethanol subsidies… in IOWA!

This is an immense gamble for the midwesterner. If he comes across as someone who’s really serious about getting our fiscal house in order, it could pay very big dividends to him. However, if the Iowans get upset about him pulling the Federal Trough away, he’s in deep trouble right at the start of the campaign. I don’t know if he has a strategy for winning the nomination after losing Iowa, but politics is largely about perception, and if he starts off perceived as a loser… well, you can probably figure the rest on your own.

In short, T-Paw will likely sink or swim depending on how he did with that speech today in Iowa.

Watch for yourself.

A Stimulus For Tax Cheats?

That’s what the AP found:

Thousands of companies that cashed in on President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package owed the government millions in unpaid taxes, congressional investigators have found.

The Government Accountability Office, in a report being released Tuesday, said at least 3,700 government contractors and nonprofit organizations that received more than $24 billion from the stimulus effort owed $757 million in back taxes as of Sept. 30, 2009, the end of the budget year.

Your tax dollars at work!

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