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One Democrat’s Solution To Gun Violence: Shoot NRA Members & Supporters

I really wish I could say this is surprising, but, honestly, it’s not. tells us about the Democrat in question:

Meet John Cobarruvias. He is a long-serving Precinct Chair for the Democrat Party in Houston. He attended the 2008 NetRoots conference held in Austin. He’s helped to organize protests against Texas Republicans. He was also a volunteer campaign worker for former State Senator Rick Noriega who ran for US Senate.

And, over the weekend, he tweeted:

“Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?”

Of course, like every leftist who finds the bright light of truth shining on him, he’s now deleted the tweet in question, but never fear, BigJollyPolitics saved a screenshot.


You’d think these leftists would understand that with screencap programs being ubiquitous these days, they really need to hide their hatred — yes, I used that word — of non-leftists better. I guess it’s hard to remember to be civilized in the grips of hate, though.

And this is hardly the first of such violent outbursts by leftists. See, just for a few examples, this, this, and this.

For these people, hatred and anger appear to this non-shrink to have reached pathological levels. Too bad they keep getting support from people who either don’t research their past statements or excuse such outbursts.

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