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Romney Wasn’t Lying: Chrysler To Shift Jeep Production To China called it their “Lie of the Year” when Romney stated that Chrysler was going to start producing Jeeps in China rather than the good old USA.

Guess what? He wasn’t lying. reports:

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said the automaker plans to build some Jeeps in China for the local market — and later, in Russia.

“As part of our global expansion of the Jeep brand, there are some cars — that because of the price position in the market — can never be made in the U.S. and exported,” Marchionne told reporters on the sidelines of the North American International Auto Show. “We’re going to be announcing the first step in the globalization of Jeep (in China). There’s another one that’s going to come in Russia. These things are part of a natural process of expansion.”

You might argue, these are Jeeps for sale in China, not for sale in the US. There are a couple of things to remember, though.

First, it’s not that hard to move from producing Jeeps in China for the Chinese market to producing Jeeps in China for other markets.

Second, he admits that because of the price point, people in China won’t buy an American-made Jeep… so what does that say about the price that people in America are expected to pay for a Jeep?

Pretty soon, I think the two points above are going to converge, and we’re going to be importing Jeeps from China.

In other words, Romney was right. I’m not holding my breath for a retraction from Politifact, though.

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