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Rubio’s Water-Gate

I guess the leftistmedia has nothing better to do than to attack someone who has the nerve to disagree with their Secular Savior, Obama.

And, believe it or not, this is what’s causing all the sturm und drang.


Yes… Marco Rubio took a sip of water on camera! The leftistmedia went aghast, as you can see from the CNN caption asking if this is a “career-ender?”

Of all the crazy things to cause the end of a career, a sip of water seems to be quite the stretch. You’d think that they’d at least want to accuse Rubio of using prostitutes, a la Eliot Spitzer.

But, no, it’s a sip of water on camera that is supposed to make the world safe from somewhat moderately conservative Republicans like Marco Rubio.

Of course, if a sip of water on camera was really a career-ender, this gentleman should no longer be in the spotlight:


I guess Democrats and leftists in the media (but I repeat myself) think that if one standard is good, two are better.

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