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“A troubled and afflicted mankind looks to us, pleading for us to keep our rendezvous with destiny; that we will uphold the principles of self-reliance, self-discipline, morality, and, above all, responsible liberty for every individual that we will become that shining city on a hill.” — Ronald Wilson Reagan

Chicago Goes Nationwide: Parties Collect $600K From Dead People

On Twitter last night, the joke went around that we have absolute proof that Osama bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi are dead because they just registered to vote in Chicago. Like all good jokes, there is a kernel of truth in it; Chicago is well known for having a problem with dead people voting. Continue reading

Red States Give More To Charity Than Blue States

I know lefties like to claim they’re charitable, but they’re mostly charitable with other people’s money — i.e. tax money. There’s a study out now that shows that conservatives and Republicans (they’re not the same) are far more charitable with their own money than lefties are.

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Want To Support Chick-Fil-A, But Don’t Have One Near You? Here’s An Idea

I know I haven’t waded into the whole Chick-Fil-A thing yet, largely because I’ve still been dealing with some personal stuff, but this should help those — like me — who think this good company is being unfairly vilified for an answer to a question in an interview.

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NC Democratic Party Executive Director Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Scandal

Yet another Democrat resignation under a cloud of suspicion:

The executive director of the N.C. Democratic Party resigned Sunday as calls for his ouster mounted amid questions regarding a secret agreement to pay a former staffer to keep quiet about sexual harassment allegations.

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“Moderate” Democrat Calls For Cheney’s Execution

Just to show how “moderate” a “moderate” Democrat really is (emphasis in original):

Rep. Chuck Kruger (D-Thomaston), the Democrat chair of the Maine legislature’s Moderate Caucus, used his Twitter account to express his view that former Vice President Dick Cheney should be executed. This comment has led some to question the validity of Kruger’s moderate credentials.

Kruger made the statement through his Twitter account this past summer, saying, “Cheney deserves same final end he gave Saddam. Hope there are cell cams,” a reference to technology that would allow Kruger to watch the proposed execution of the former Vice President of the United States.

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Barone’s Wisconsin GOP Recall Post-Mortem

The always-analytical Michael Barone looks at the results from the 6 elections to recall GOP state senators in Wisconsin, and runs some numbers. Here’s what he sees:

My conclusion: these results show Republicans about as strong as they were in 2010, when Republican Scott Walker was elected governor by a 52%-46% margin, and they show Democrats weaker than they were in 2008, when Barack Obama carried Wisconsin 56%-42%.  That was my conclusion as well when I compared Barack Obama’s 2011 Gallup job approval in the 50 states with the popular vote for the House in 2010.

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