Conservative Wanderer

“A troubled and afflicted mankind looks to us, pleading for us to keep our rendezvous with destiny; that we will uphold the principles of self-reliance, self-discipline, morality, and, above all, responsible liberty for every individual that we will become that shining city on a hill.” — Ronald Wilson Reagan

Want To Write With Us?

One of my goals in blogging is to find and help out good writers who don’t have a place to post their works. So, in order to do that, I’m offering a place here for people who have:

  • A center-right or conservative perspective (party affiliation doesn’t matter as much — there have been conservative Democrats, such as Zell Miller).
  • The ability to use logic and common sense to determine valid and invalid points in an argument.
  • A good command of the English language, grammar, spelling, and so on.

If you’re interested, write a piece on a topic you are interested in and email it to CW (the boss) using the “Email CW” form. If it’s a long piece, say so through the “Email CW” form and we’ll make arrangements for you to email the file directly to CW (I’m not posting my email address out here for every spammer and troll to see).

By submitting your article, you are granting me, the Administrator, permission to share it with as many or as few of the staff as I wish, and permission to publish it so long as I give proper credit. To be honest, I will probably run any article by at least one of the staff for a second opinion.

Also, to let us get to know you a bit better, it’s probably not a Bad Idea–in fact, probably a very Good Idea–to start commenting on the posts that are already posted. We can usually get a good sense of your style and perspective from your comments. If you’re an established commenter, please indicate your nom-du-cyber when you submit your first article.

The management reserves the right to refuse publication of any article and to determine the status and “role” (a WordPress term describing what any member of a blog can do) of any blogger. We also reserve the right to edit articles as we see fit. On the other hand, if it’s good enough to be accepted, there probably won’t be much editing… and if it needs a lot of editing, it’ll probably be returned for the original author to do the edits. Oh, and at the moment (and for the foreseeable future) we can’t offer any sort of pay for blogging… we’re not even making any money at this ourselves!

I think that about covers it… get blogging!